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Magical and Fairy-like Mehndi and Wedding Items.

Our big fat desi weddings are not just one-day celebrations! From Mehndi to Walima, there is a whole week to celebrate the wedding festivities. Out of these wedding events, Mehndi is an informal yet the most exciting, the most vibrant and the most enjoyable celebration of all other events. Moreover, planning the right way makes it more fun and enjoyable, so when you and your bridesmaids want those perfect desi-mehndi items and want to take care of all the nitty-gritty, you can count on us.

We are really passionate and enthusiastic about finding quality favours, and accessories for your mehndi events and source on the best-quality items for all our clients. We have been set up to provide unique, personalized and inspirational products and favours for your weddings and mehndi. Our product range has been carefully selected to suit colour schemes and styles commonly found amongst Asian weddings. We truly hope our range will inspire you to create a spectacular wedding day and mehndi day with a unique style that will leave your wedding guests talking till the early hours of the morning.

Our Story

We originally started this niche mehndi items and wedding products business when our family was to selling premium Asian clothes to our customers in the UK. Our portfolio was inclusive of desi and sub-continental clothes and attires. Amidst of doing this business, we were asked by a lot of our clients for exclusive and traditional mehndi related items, and at that time, there weren’t many businesses catering to this market.

We did some research, contacted a few people, and went into conversations with some suppliers in Asia and visited them ourselves. We discovered an amazing niche which every desi family longed for; an online store that caters to exclusive handmade mehndi and wedding items and decorations.

As a business, we never compromise on product quality, and we always put those extra checks in place to make sure that all our clients get the best quality products at all costs. Our mehndi items are specially designed for all your mehndi functions, and they imbue enthusiasm, legacy, colours, traditions and desi richness in each event.

From exclusive mehndi thaals to amazing gift-items, we have it all. Traditional yet contemporary styles, quality, low-prices and personalization are our hallmarks. Our supplier relationships and buying power ensure that we’re able to offer high quality at low prices consistently.


Mehndi Plates, Mehndi Thaals, Hand Gajra & Leeray, Nikah Pens.

Jewellery, Mehndi Leaf’s, Umbrella’s, Dholki’s.

Diya’s & Bowls, Men’s Duppattay, Favour Bags, Accessories.

Exclusive Mehndi Items and Wedding Favours.

It is our goal to make your shopping process as easy as possible.